Waffle Taco?!


It’s happening … Waffle Taco VS Egg McMuffin! Breakfast is coming to Taco Bell on March 27, 2014.

When someone writes about food and culture, fast food should be honored at least once. It is rather sad that fast food became a part of our food motion. However, when another fast food chain introduces its new product, the promotional campaigns are usually pretty sweet. On top of that, people would probably receive a bunch of coupons in the mail encouraging to try out the new thing.

Waffle Taco from Taco Bell looks fairly appealing on the picture. I will definitely try it. Just out of curiosity.

In less than a month, consumer will have a larger choice for a quick breakfast stops. Forbes Magazine says that McDonald’s should watch out as market will get tough. 

Here is the link to Taco Bell website with a display of the new breakfast menu: http://www.tacobell.com/food/menu/breakfast-menu