Welcome to West Side Market


I wanted my 30th anniversary blog post to be super special that is why I devoted this post to the West Side Market. This place embodies everything delicious that is in Cleveland, but most importantly, you can find foods from different cultures!

Crain’s Cleveland Business on the Web describes Cleveland’s West Side Market as:

A popular place to shop for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, the building is one of the largest indoor/outdoor markets in the country.”

West Side Market is one of the oldest markets in Cleveland area, and believe it or not, it has been operating ever since since the end of nineteenth century. It’s over hundred years! On December 18, 1973, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Now, West Side market has over 100 vendor combined of food representatives of all sorts of ethnic groups. There you can find anything from mouth-watering smell of Middle Eastern spices to hand-crafted cupcakes you have only seen on the pictures. 20140430_211924000_iOS

West Side Market is located at the corner of West 25th and Lorain which is short drive from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, so you can easily visit both of the places on the same day. 

My first encounter with the West Side Market was quite memorable. Me and my friend were shopping for some deli and coated buffalo chicken wings. On the same stand, there was a skinned rabbit. If its cooked in the crock pot with sour-cream, carrots, bell peppers, and onions, it is delicious and very tender. It is even more tender than under-cooked chicken breast. I made a joke about it being a cat instead of the rabbit. People who were looking to buy something from this vendor totally freaked out. They looked at me with big round eyes and said; “you have to be kitten me.” Good thing, everybody were in a good mood. I explained to them that this skinned animal is an actual rabbit as you can tell by its legs and the fur left on them. In the end everybody just laughed at this situation, but nobody bought that poor skinned animal.



Melt Bar & Grilled

If you travelling or live in Cleveland, Melt Bar & Grilled is an absolutely must-stop, must-see, and must-eat restaurant.

Melt is truly unique; it’s famous for its deep-friend huge grilled cheese sandwich es and long list of beers from all over the world.

Another thing about Melt is that it was actually featured in MAN v. FOOD on the Travel Channel with its monster grilled cheese challenge. This melt challenge is certainly a battle between a man and food. It requires to consume over 5 lbs which of 13 different cheeses, 3 slices of grilled bread and a pile of hand-cut fries & slaw.

If you want to know more about Melt Bar & Grilled, check out this page for awards, complete media kit, or critic’s reviews and customer reviews.

Foodie Friday @ Whole Foods Market

Foodie Friday @ Whole Foods Market

It’s always good to start planning your weekend ahead of time. It’s even better to start your weekend on Friday night by tasting delicious food and wine or beer samples for just five bucks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try something you have never tried before!
For more information, you can browse Whole Foods website where you will find the whole calendar of events as well the store locator, recipes, and tips for healthy and well-balanced nutrition.

Fancy Breakfast Table

If you ever felt like surprising your loved ones with an awesome brunch check out this video about how to decorate a fancy breakfast table at home.

Surely, food is the most important thing during a meal, but sometimes the way it’s served could make a tremendous difference. This video shows you how easy you can brighten someone (or even your own) day just by setting a festive mood by adding a little décor to your first meal.

If you have ideas about color palette or how to decorate your breakfast table, don’t hesitate to share it with the world 🙂



Maslenitsa in 1878

If, by any chance, you were wondering what is Maslenitsa, I can tell you that it’s a holiday when people enjoy a lot of rich fatty foods. Guess what the main dish is? It’s a crepe. Big, round, thin, buttery, sweet or salty crepe.

Here is few facts about this holiday:

  • Maslenitsa is a Slavic holiday that people in Ukraine really enjoy, for not only for its delicious foods, but also because it commemorates the begging of Great Fast which goes all the way till Easter.
  • Maslenitsa is somewhat similar to Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. They both relate to the beginning of Great Fast, and involve consumption of rich fatty food. Yay.
  • Maslenitsa symbolizes the end of cold snowy winter and beginning of warm spring.
    • Maslenitsa has its roots in pagan traditions but was accepted by Orthodox ancestors as a way of saying Good-Bye to cold winter.
    • Some of the festivities are accompanied by the burning of a straw ladylike figure ‘winter’
  • Maslenitsa involves not only eating food, but also dancing, singing, and festival activities. But, honestly, it’s mostly about eating a lot of foods as crepes or varenuki bathing in the butter and sugar.
My younger sibling is ready eating crepes, Maslenitsa 2012

My younger sibling is ready to eat a bunch of crepes, Maslenitsa 2012

Russian Maslenitsa 2011

more  crepes, butter, cream, pastry, and other goodies :)

more crepes, butter, cream, pastry, and other goodies 🙂

CREPESing: Crepes, Blinu, or Russian Pancakes.


If you never had crepes in your life, you missed out. However, many who have tried crepes think of it as something extremely challenging to make at home. Why struggle at the kitchen if you can get them at your local grocery story in a deli department or simply go out for breakfast to IHOP.
Actually, there is a good reason for do it yourself. Obviously, it’s three times cheaper comparison to a breakfast entry at IHOP. When you are making your own crepes, you can chose to use organic eggs and milk, or even whole wheat flour.
I found this link on YouTube where narrator presents you step by step how to make crepes. You will be surprised by how easy it is to make delicious, melt-in-your-mouth crepes.

Don’t forget to use your favorite topping! Few tips for toppings:

Waffle Taco?!


It’s happening … Waffle Taco VS Egg McMuffin! Breakfast is coming to Taco Bell on March 27, 2014.

When someone writes about food and culture, fast food should be honored at least once. It is rather sad that fast food became a part of our food motion. However, when another fast food chain introduces its new product, the promotional campaigns are usually pretty sweet. On top of that, people would probably receive a bunch of coupons in the mail encouraging to try out the new thing.

Waffle Taco from Taco Bell looks fairly appealing on the picture. I will definitely try it. Just out of curiosity.

In less than a month, consumer will have a larger choice for a quick breakfast stops. Forbes Magazine says that McDonald’s should watch out as market will get tough. 

Here is the link to Taco Bell website with a display of the new breakfast menu: http://www.tacobell.com/food/menu/breakfast-menu