#WordlessWedneday: Little League

#WordlessWedneday for the Little One's

Attention Parents!
Have tough time making your children to consume those necessary nutrients? Check out these photos from the Food Network Magazine:







Serbian Soup Goulash from Izolda Fetko


Goulash is a traditional Serbian dinner dish which in fact was adopted from Hungarian cuisine as it quickly conquered Europe during the times of Austrian Empire. In American cuisine, people more likely to call it a stew or soup.
My Serbian friend, Izolda Fetko, was kind to share this amazing recipe with me, so I can share it with all of my readers. In this post, you will find the list of ingredients you need and how to cook a good ol’ goulash.

2 lbs pork
3 large onions
5 bay leaves
Hungarian paprika 0.5 oz
Red wine 5 oz
Sour cream
Extra wide egg noodles

First, you fry the onions with olive oil for 5min (until they become clear), then you add pork and a little bit of wine and water if needed. When the meat is a little bit cooked you add the bay leaves and the spices. You will most likely need to add all of those a couple of times, but remember to put more sault and pepper every time you add more wine/water/sour cream in it.

Cook on medium (6-7) until the meat becomes soft and you’re not able to see the pieces of onions. No need to cover it while cooking because you don’t want it to be too soupy.
When the meat is close to being done, start preparing the noodles. I use extra wide egg noodles.

On a side note, if you are looking for healthier option, you can substitute pork with a leaner meat such as beef or chicken, yet you might just miss out on taking your taste buds to the limit with juicy pieces of pork in your soup.

Breakfast Fun

Breakfast Fun

It’s so easy to put a smile on your loved ones faces by serving them this simple breakfast platter that looks like face.

Check out Cute Food For Kids website for more amazing breakfast ideas inspired by moms from all over the world.

Here are some of the pictures I found online while browsing for creative breakfast ideas:


Mr. Cucumber Tanning


Somebody Grew Kale-Hair








Easter Bunny Loves Pancakes


My Buttery Nose Is Melting


Melt Bar & Grilled

If you travelling or live in Cleveland, Melt Bar & Grilled is an absolutely must-stop, must-see, and must-eat restaurant.

Melt is truly unique; it’s famous for its deep-friend huge grilled cheese sandwich es and long list of beers from all over the world.

Another thing about Melt is that it was actually featured in MAN v. FOOD on the Travel Channel with its monster grilled cheese challenge. This melt challenge is certainly a battle between a man and food. It requires to consume over 5 lbs which of 13 different cheeses, 3 slices of grilled bread and a pile of hand-cut fries & slaw.

If you want to know more about Melt Bar & Grilled, check out this page for awards, complete media kit, or critic’s reviews and customer reviews.

Swirls on the Cake? That’s Easy!

Ever since I was little, my favorite part of the cake was decorations and frosting.
In this video, you can see for yourself how easy it is to make your cake amazingly beautiful just by adding some buttercream swirls on top.
The decoration tool that was used in this video is a simple cake decoration bag with a standard tip. If you can’t find one at you local grocery store, you can easily obtain it on Amazon as well as many other accessories for baking and cake decorating.

Start Your Monday Right – Pancakes for Breakfast


What is the easiest way to make pancakes? – Use a pancake mix! It’s not a secret that Bisquick could be found at every other household, and it could be used to make pancakes, waffles, shortcakes, breading, and many other bakes.

Personally, i’m not a fan of plain pancakes; I need at least a fruit or chocolate chips to go with it. The more toppings the better. However, there is a way one can skip on a syrup or topping just by adding lemon juice and vanilla extract to a pancake batter!

This recipe is on the bag of every Bisquick pancake mix, and it calls the Ultimate Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pancakes.

Here is the list of ingredients:

  • 2 cups Original Bisquick® mix
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (optional)

Cook pancakes just as usual: pour a quarter of the cup of batter onto a heated griddle or pan, cook until the edge looks dry, flip, and  cook until golden.

But…pancakes are not the perfect pancakes without toppings! Check out this list of Top-20 Perfect Pancakes Toppings from Yummy Isparations. Post in the comment which one is your favorite!

She Saw the Culture Change

Ever since 2004, Ukraine became known to the world not only for the tragedy in Chernobyl, or heavy weight champions boxers Brothers Klitschko. In 2004, Ukraine underwent a first wave of massive riots in downtown Kiev, where thousands of people decided to camp out on the main square demanding fair elections of the new President. Almost ten years later, a new wave of protests would spread around the country in less than two month. Everything started with this amazing, yet dangerous, social phenomenon – Maidan.

big-1-300x200 I happened to have a friend who actually was a part of this movement. She spent countless days and night at Maidan, helping to prepare food, or just hanging out. It certainly was dangerous to be threre, but she was very brave and wanted to make a differece, to be a part of ‘making a new history’. I asked her about social aspect of everyday life at Maidan, and this is what she shared with me:

Maria Dudka, “I will try to write neatly…
Anyways, you certainly know about our culture, about how our people like to throw trash everywhere, to spit on the ground, and to be disrespectful towards other people. It not the case for every single individual, yet it’s quite common.
Ever since Maidan started big time, everything has changed. The closer you would get to Maidan, the more culturally pleasant people would behave themselves.



One can definitely say that society underwent some major social changes. We still have a lot to learn, but now, at least, we have a strong foundation. A huge step towards a better future was made. And everything started with such a small thing as a simple student riot in downtown Kiev.
Now, the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” makes so much sense, so much hope and soul; you can feel it in the air. I wouldn’t even think of something like that a year ago. Maidan_sandwiches

Maidan is truly a state within the state. Here people have their own rules and laws. Once can’t consume alcohol, or it is suggested not come empty-handed. Not for someone won’t let you through, but because you naturally have a feeling to give something back to this community.

1467384_530759453687063_1486664655_n-300x225In terms of foods, people would usually bring sandwiches or meats and cheeses for sandwiches. Young girls would bring homemade cookies, but only when there is no shooting or fights with a riot police. People also bring fruits and vegetables, bread, meat, they bring everything!
Maidan itself has a fulltime kitchen! People cook everything from soup to pot roast. It’s not as good as at home, but it definitely has a sweet taste of freedom! When there is no time for cooking people would just drop off homemade sandwiches and pots with hot tea. The bravest fighters would refuse to eat anything, probably, because of the adrenaline rush. But it’s a different story…”