Serbian Soup Goulash from Izolda Fetko


Goulash is a traditional Serbian dinner dish which in fact was adopted from Hungarian cuisine as it quickly conquered Europe during the times of Austrian Empire. In American cuisine, people more likely to call it a stew or soup.
My Serbian friend, Izolda Fetko, was kind to share this amazing recipe with me, so I can share it with all of my readers. In this post, you will find the list of ingredients you need and how to cook a good ol’ goulash.

2 lbs pork
3 large onions
5 bay leaves
Hungarian paprika 0.5 oz
Red wine 5 oz
Sour cream
Extra wide egg noodles

First, you fry the onions with olive oil for 5min (until they become clear), then you add pork and a little bit of wine and water if needed. When the meat is a little bit cooked you add the bay leaves and the spices. You will most likely need to add all of those a couple of times, but remember to put more sault and pepper every time you add more wine/water/sour cream in it.

Cook on medium (6-7) until the meat becomes soft and you’re not able to see the pieces of onions. No need to cover it while cooking because you don’t want it to be too soupy.
When the meat is close to being done, start preparing the noodles. I use extra wide egg noodles.

On a side note, if you are looking for healthier option, you can substitute pork with a leaner meat such as beef or chicken, yet you might just miss out on taking your taste buds to the limit with juicy pieces of pork in your soup.